7 Sins

by Veriez

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released July 14, 2017



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Veriez Sweden

My tribute to the Black metal scene. I wouldn't call all of my music 'black metal' more ambient black or just ambient music. However my roots will still be black metal and i will always go from that and make music out of it.

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Track Name: Gula (Gluttony)
Gula, my sweet gula
How you brought me comfort
Now i hate the way you made me look
I hope your punishment is just.
I hope the rats and snakes
Will feast on my body while i rot
Will feast on the body while it rots
Gula, why?
Why did you make me this way?
Gula why?
Why did you betray me
Now i am the prisoner
Of my own body
Oh sweet gula
You betrayed me.